INFRAWIND EURASIA – the strategic design in its collaboration with China/ Asia

INFRAWIND vice-president at the wind energy fair in Shanghai for Futian-Nordwind

INFRAWIND EURASIA wants to make progress in the following areas:

  1. INFRAWIND EURASIA supports the goal of the German government to sustainably reduce the global CO2-emissions and simultaneously increase the competitiveness and international presence.
  2. INFRAWIND EURASIA will provide Chinese operators with targeted help to reach the planned national capacities in the sector of renewable energies.
  3. INFRAWIND EURASIA will have a fair cooperation with the groups in Asia and will make the protection of the know-how of the participating companies one of its main objectives.
  4. INFRAWIND EURASIA supports German renewable energy partners in increasing their commitment in China. Also the access to the different key points should be made easier for them. INFRAWIND wants to be a unique bridge in the field of modern energies, enabling a strong anchoring in Asia and sustainable win-win partnerships.


Berlin 2011