Environmentally friendly and functional infrastructure in the energy sector is a basic prerequisite for positive future perspectives of the people in China and beyond.

"Infrawind Eurasia" is an association with the goal to promote the construction and development of an environmentally considerate energy infrastructure in China/ Asia especially with help of European wind energy competences.

Moreover the association will foster the understanding of European and in this case especially German alternative energy technology and the idea of resource considerate, environmentally friendly and renewable energy production in China/ Asia.

Point of reference will be the political decisions of the People's Republic of China which determine that in the medium term at least 10% of all energy should come from renewable resources.

Infrawind Eurasia sees itself as a high level platform and a competent contact for all European partners which want to contribute to the development of wind energy in Asia.


  • For example INFRAWIND EURASIA will provide Chinese operators with targeted help to reach the planned national capacity upgrading to 9000 MW.
  • INFRAWIND EURASIA supports the goal of the German government to sustainably reduce the global CO2-emissions and simultaneously increase the global competitiveness and international presence of medium-sized German enterprises.
  • INFRAWIND EURASIA initiates and fosters the development of smart grids and promotes an efficient energy industry.
  • INFRAWIND EURASIA will have a fair cooperation with the groups in Asia and will make the protection of the know-how of the participating companies one of its main objectives.
  • INFRAWIND EURASIA is a unique bridge in renewable energies, which enables it to a strong market anchoring in Asia.